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Using Twitter to Increase Blog Traffic

Twitter is all the rage these days and I have to admit that I am a HUGE fan! I have seen great results with increasing traffic to my personal blog as well as the UBD blog. Tweeting has proven itself to be an incredibly useful and important tool for communication, rivaling both instant messaging and blogging. In fact, it’s almost a mixture of the two. If you haven’t set up your free Twitter account, do so now here. You won’t regret it. Blogging Blogging allows you to reach out to … Continue reading

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Podcast with Copywriting Expert Blogger, Allison Nazarian

Welcome to the first weekly UBD Podcast! I recently had a chance to sit down and talk about copywriting for blogs with Allison Nazarian. Allison is the founder of Get It In Writing. Her business provides copywriting services, among other things, to bloggers! She also writes on her personal blog Allison has worked, written and consulted for hundreds of publications and organizations, including Bloomberg News, J. Walter Thompson, Ruder-Finn, Business Wire and a wide range of health, financial and law professionals, women’s organizations, service providers, communications companies and individuals.

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Color Palette in a Box

Have you ever visited a blog or website that had a poorly chosen color scheme? I can’t tell you how many I’ve seen over the years… When we do consultations with our clients, prior to starting the design, colors are always a paramount piece of information that we must have. Choosing a color palette for your design can be a daunting task. Not everyone has an eye for design, which is why I’m going to put up a few resources that will take the guess work out of finding a … Continue reading

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Don't Be a Cannibal – Call to Action Explained

If you’ve been around the internet marketing scene for a while, you know that having a site or blog with the proper “calls to action” is key to your success. These calls can include RSS signup, email capture, lead generation, affiliate sales, and the list goes on. Here are three rule-of-thumb steps that you can take to make sure that you’re on the right track: Establish What You Want to Convert The first order of business is to figure out what exactly what offer(s) you’d like to call action to. … Continue reading

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