7 Reasons Why All Blogs Need a Facebook Fan Page

7 Reasons Why All Blogs Need a Facebook Fan Page Facebook is the #2 most visited website in the U.S.

When you create a Facebook Fan Page, you are pitching your blog to a potential audience of 400 million active users.

Here are some facts you should consider:

  • 20 million people become fan pages everyday.
  • There are over 5.3 billion Facebook fans overall.
  • The typical user becomes a fan of 4 pages per month.

With these numbers in mind, it’s easy to see why you should invest a little time and energy into creating a Fan Page.

Let’s take a closer look at why it’s a good idea:

1. It’s easy for users to “fan.”

All it takes is one click for people to fan your Page. It eliminates a lot of the steps people typically take to connect with the content of your blog.

A user does not need to:

  • type in their first name,
  • type in their last name,
  • type in their e-mail address,
  • click the “Subscribe!” button,
  • wait for the confirmation e-mail in their inbox, or
  • click on the e-mailed link to confirm their subscription.

All of these steps have been consolidated into one simple, almost-thoughtless click of the “Become a Fan” button.

It couldn’t be easier for someone to get involved with your content, and you’ll never have to worry about your messages winding up in someone’s spam folder.

2. The News Feed is gold.

In a way, Facebook’s News Feed has become a highly-personalized AP wire.

The average user spends 55 minutes per day on Facebook. Everything they read, including your posts, can seem equally important and respectable.

Being where they spend most of their time is a good segway to hooking in more readers.

3. Detailed demographics!

The Facebook Insights Page shows a wealth of information about your fans including:

  • All fans over time including:
    • Total Fans
    • Unsubscribed Fans
    • Sex Ratio
    • Age Ratio
  • Graphs over time of:
    • Comments
    • Wall Posts
    • Likes
  • Age and sex of active fans
  • Top countries
  • Top languages


The information allows bloggers to better understand who reads his/her content. The more you know about your audience, the better!

4. It’s easy to trick out Fan Pages.

You can make your Facebook Fan Page look amazingly professional.

The FBML (Facebook Markup Language) static page widget allows you to add custom tabs to your Page. It can incorporate PHP, HTML, CSS, and Facebook’s proprietary code to create custom tabs with e-mail signups, promotions and more info on your blog.

I won’t get too technical in this post, but stay tuned for Part II and Part III for more information about FBML!

5. Facebook is all about community.

Facebook users have a neighborly, social mindset while they are browsing their News Feed. When they skim through their friend’s updates, “Likes,” and photos, they are seeing if there is anything they can interact with.

When you post something new to your Page, users are still in this mindset. As a result, your content will look less intimidating and less commercialized.

This makes it more likely for them to look at what you have to say. If you seem friendly and try to start discussions, your followers will respond positively.

Users will also remember you better because they are more receptive.

6. Pages may lead to higher conversion rates.

The combination of ease of use, strong community and large number of users means that conversion rates are high.

A good example of these high conversion rates can be seen with the guys from UBD. They started actively promoting and advertising their Facebook Fan Page a few weeks ago and have already seen stunning results.

Their Google AdWords account showed only a 5% e-mail opt-in rate while their Facebook Fan Page has an average 20% e-mail opt-in rate.

That means that their advertisements on Facebook have proved to be 15% more cost effective than Google AdWords, so far.

A reason for this high turn-over rate may be because advertising through Google AdWords is very competitive, while Facebook advertising is still young.

It seems that for the moment, and with the right strategy, Facebook advertising is a better deal.

7. Do it now, before it gets more competitive.

It’s a good idea to be an early adopter with anything Facebook-related! Although there are over 400 million active users on Facebook, this number is still growing.

New Fan Pages are constantly being created, but the world is just beginning to realize how useful these Pages really are.

The sooner you start, the easier it will be for you to stand out in the long run.

Create your Fan Page, today!

More about how to customize your Fan Page’s layout and drive more traffic to your Page will be detailed in Part II and Part III of this blog series.

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This post was guest-written by Cynthia Kelly of The Cynch. She’s a geek, entrepreneur, and part-time model from Seattle, WA. She writes articles about social media, entrepreneurship, marketing, technology, and trends.

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