Happy 5th Birthday to Us! — 25% Off Unique Blog Designs Celebration Sale

Wow, time flies! Unique Blog Designs is turning 5-years old on August 22nd! It was only five years ago that we launched UBD with the redesign of John Chow dot Com. In that time period, John Chow went from ~7000 blog subscribers to more than 200,000 subscribers now. Talk about an improvement in readership! 25% Off Sale Celebration To celebrate our birthday, we’re having a 25% off all blog design sale. That’s right, all of the packages on our Design Services page are now 25% off from now until August … Continue reading

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HOW TO: Use Multiple WordPress Themes on the Same Domain

One of the most common questions we get asked, is “How do I use your WordPress Themes with the WordPress Theme I already have installed?” There is actually a very easy method of doing this and it is crucial to successfully using WordPress themes to market your business online. To install multiple themes, you need multiple installations of WordPress. Our recommendation is to install WordPress and the theme of your choice on sub-directories. For example, let’s say that you already have a blog, yourblog.com, and you want to have a … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Why All Blogs Need a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is the #2 most visited website in the U.S. When you create a Facebook Fan Page, you are pitching your blog to a potential audience of 400 million active users. Here are some facts you should consider: 20 million people become fan pages everyday. There are over 5.3 billion Facebook fans overall. The typical user becomes a fan of 4 pages per month. With these numbers in mind, it’s easy to see why you should invest a little time and energy into creating a Fan Page. Let’s take a … Continue reading

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How To Find a Quality Web Host

Have you ever had to deal with a poorly managed hosting provider? The kind that has your servers crashing, or maybe even causing you to lose data? Losing data (your blog posts and design) is a nightmare that many bloggers have. Commonly, servers will crash in mid-step when making changes to your blog. This will undoubtedly cause you, or your webmaster, to have a throbbing headache. Knowing that server crashes and data corruption is a problem, you’ll want to do something about it. We’ve worked with almost every major hosting provider … Continue reading

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Follow Us on Twitter!

Unique Blog Designs is now on Twitter! Follow us today! Although the UBD team has been on Twitter for quite a while now, we hadn’t setup a company account until now. We have a lot of exciting things planned for 2009 that will definitely surprise you! In Q1 2009, we have something very special to show you and we will be announcing it first on Twitter. We also plan to use Twitter for exclusive contests, promotions and giveaways.

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Revealed: A Proven System for Creating Powerful Blogs

At UBD, we work with a wide range of bloggers. Everyone from top 100 bloggers like John Chow and Jeremy Schoemaker to bloggers who haven’t even written their first blog post yet. Whenever we come across a valuable resource for new bloggers, we like to pass it on. Our good friend and blogging mentor, Yaro Starak, has released the free Roadmap Report – which is a guide to becoming a successful blogger. I know that when I started blogging, almost two years ago, I could have benefited HUGELY from reading … Continue reading

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Using Twitter to Increase Blog Traffic

Twitter is all the rage these days and I have to admit that I am a HUGE fan! I have seen great results with increasing traffic to my personal blog as well as the UBD blog. Tweeting has proven itself to be an incredibly useful and important tool for communication, rivaling both instant messaging and blogging. In fact, it’s almost a mixture of the two. If you haven’t set up your free Twitter account, do so now here. You won’t regret it. Blogging Blogging allows you to reach out to … Continue reading

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Podcast with Copywriting Expert Blogger, Allison Nazarian

Welcome to the first weekly UBD Podcast! I recently had a chance to sit down and talk about copywriting for blogs with Allison Nazarian. Allison is the founder of Get It In Writing. Her business provides copywriting services, among other things, to bloggers! She also writes on her personal blog AllisonNazarian.com Allison has worked, written and consulted for hundreds of publications and organizations, including Bloomberg News, J. Walter Thompson, Ruder-Finn, Business Wire and a wide range of health, financial and law professionals, women’s organizations, service providers, communications companies and individuals.

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Color Palette in a Box

Have you ever visited a blog or website that had a poorly chosen color scheme? I can’t tell you how many I’ve seen over the years… When we do consultations with our clients, prior to starting the design, colors are always a paramount piece of information that we must have. Choosing a color palette for your design can be a daunting task. Not everyone has an eye for design, which is why I’m going to put up a few resources that will take the guess work out of finding a … Continue reading

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Don't Be a Cannibal – Call to Action Explained

If you’ve been around the internet marketing scene for a while, you know that having a site or blog with the proper “calls to action” is key to your success. These calls can include RSS signup, email capture, lead generation, affiliate sales, and the list goes on. Here are three rule-of-thumb steps that you can take to make sure that you’re on the right track: Establish What You Want to Convert The first order of business is to figure out what exactly what offer(s) you’d like to call action to. … Continue reading

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