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Color Palette in a Box

Have you ever visited a blog or website that had a poorly chosen color scheme? I can’t tell you how many I’ve seen over the years… When we do consultations with our clients, prior to starting the design, colors are always a paramount piece of information that we must have. Choosing a color palette for your design can be a daunting task. Not everyone has an eye for design, which is why I’m going to put up a few resources that will take the guess work out of finding a … Continue reading

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Don't Be a Cannibal – Call to Action Explained

If you’ve been around the internet marketing scene for a while, you know that having a site or blog with the proper “calls to action” is key to your success. These calls can include RSS signup, email capture, lead generation, affiliate sales, and the list goes on. Here are three rule-of-thumb steps that you can take to make sure that you’re on the right track: Establish What You Want to Convert The first order of business is to figure out what exactly what offer(s) you’d like to call action to. … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Increase RSS Conversion

One of the most common questions that we get from our clients is, “How do I increase my readership?” Well, a great place to start is making sure that you have a good call to action for RSS. You know that having a lot of subscribers is great for your brand, regardless of the online presence you carry. It denotes authority on the blog or site’s topic, which then translates into even more subscribers! The following are five tips and tricks to help you convert your visitors into loyal blog … Continue reading

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Matt Blancarte's "Blog Design Makeover" Speech @ IZEA Fest

UBD’s own Matt Blancarte recently spoke on the “Blog Design Makeover” panel at IZEA Fest in Orlando, Florida. Matt also spoke with Scott Allen and Christopher Schmidtt, two other incredibly talented web designers. For the panel, Matt was asked to redesign a British Columbia boating blog, This blog is owned by Heather, an attendee of IZEA Fest. What did Heather have to say about Matt’s redesign? My blog had been chosen to receive a makeover, along with 2 others. Matt Blancarte from Unique Blog Designs (UBD) designed a new … Continue reading

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Yahoo! Mail Blog Relaunches

You may be asking yourself, why is UBD reporting that the Yahoo! Mail Blog relaunched? Well, we are truly honored that we recently had the opportunity to work with Yahoo! to redesign and relaunch the official Yahoo! Mail Blog. Our Chief Marketing Officer, Josh Mullineaux, met Ryan Knight from Yahoo! at the Blog World Expo last November. It gives us great pride to have worked with one of the pioneering companies of the commercial Internet. With the relaunch of the Yahoo! Mail Blog, our objectives included the following: Update the … Continue reading

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Ad Placement: A Few Simple Tips

What do private ads, affiliate ads, Google ads, and pretty much all other forms of advertising have in common? They all can benefit from proper placement on your blog. In this article, we will go over the basic blog layout (i.e. header, sidebar(s), content, footer) and a few very simple ways that you can more effectively place advertisements for high conversion. Header Ad Placements The header is the “top” of your blog. Most headers consist of the blog’s title/logo, a navigation bar, search, and maybe a few images. While these … Continue reading

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