Five Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog's Comments

We are often asked, “How do I get readers to comment on my posts?”  It is regularly the case that a blog might look great, have great content, and yet no comments. Seeing the benefit in building a community around your blog; encouraging people to comment is an important aspect of any blog.  Here are 5 easy ways to encourage your readers to start commenting: 

  1. Write to Your Readers! Addressing your readers specifically could spark conversation. When you read something that strikes a cord with you, you are more likely to comment, right?
  2. Ask your readers questions – When writing an opinion article, asking your readers what they think will increase the likelihood that they will comment.
  3. Make sure the comment link is large and easy to click on. If they can’t see the link they won’t click on it!
  4. Write interesting headlines! If a reader sees a headline that grabs his/her attention, he/she is more likely to read and comment on that particular article.
  5. Limit your posts to an appropriate length… We all skim what we read, so making sure a post isn’t too long will encourage more comments.

Follow these five steps to be well on your way to establishing a more lively blog.

About Nate Whitehill

Nate is a co-founder of Unique Blog Designs and has been a user experience and visual designer for over a decade. He aspires to make the world pixel-perfect. Follow Nate on Twitter
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