General Motors Is Doing It…Are You?

For those who haven’t heard, the car manufacturing conglomerate General Motors is now using blogging as a way to connect to different market segments.

Thats right, GM is blogging.

Make your way over to, you will find articles written by executives, proper use of podcasts and other forms of new media. To me, this cements the value in using blogs as a way to market your business, small or large.

The other day, Nate, Matt, and I were discussing different markets and how they could use blogs and in what way. We all agree that small to medium sized businesses are among those who could benefit the most from blogging.


All small businesses need a website. The only problem is most small businesses are working with a relatively small budget. Well, as most of you know, to get a decent website designed these days costs at least $5,000 big ones.

A blog can be a far less expensive alternative that benefits from higher search engine rankings in most cases. Also, because a blog is based on some sort of content management system, preferably WordPress, a blog can be easier to update and modify.

Having a great design and useful content on your blog can also convey trust and can encourage visitors to become evangelists for you and your brand.

So what now?

In the coming years, it is likely that more of the population will understand how valuable a blog actually can be; a powerful marketing and branding tool, a way to develop a community around your brand, a highly search engine optimized web site, relatively inexpensive, and of course they are easy to update and modify.

Seeing the companies with big market research budgets do it first, is just one of the first “clues” that blogging is here to stay.

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Nate is a co-founder of Unique Blog Designs and has been a user experience and visual designer for over a decade. He aspires to make the world pixel-perfect. Follow Nate on Twitter
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