How To Find a Quality Web Host

Have you ever had to deal with a poorly managed hosting provider? The kind that has your servers crashing, or maybe even causing you to lose data?

Losing data (your blog posts and design) is a nightmare that many bloggers have. Commonly, servers will crash in mid-step when making changes to your blog. This will undoubtedly cause you, or your webmaster, to have a throbbing headache. Knowing that server crashes and data corruption is a problem, you’ll want to do something about it.

We’ve worked with almost every major hosting provider out there in the past 16 months, and have learned quite a bit when it comes to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of blog hosting.

Here is a list of five things that Unique Blog Designs looks for when working with a hosting provider:

  • Daily data backups
  • Great customer service – both on the phone, and via email
  • WordPress support and “one-click” installations
  • Great bandwidth and robust server response
  • Easy to use admin panel (C-Panel or Plesk)

To be honest, there is only one provider that we recommend for WordPress users. That would be Bluehost!

They contain all five of the characteristics seen above, and they aren’t too bad when it comes to pricing, too. We strongly recommend that you migrate to BlueHost, if you want to make things easy on yourself!

Who do you host with, and do you have any horror stories to share?

If you sign up for Bluehost through any of the links in this post, you’ll get one of our themes for free!

About Nate Whitehill

Nate is a co-founder of Unique Blog Designs and has been a user experience and visual designer for over a decade. He aspires to make the world pixel-perfect. Follow Nate on Twitter
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