Improve Your Monetization Strategy With SocialSpark Affiliate Opportunities

Monetizing a blog can be a mysterious and confusing task. Luckily, SocialSpark has come along and launched Affiliate Opportunities. Their new program will help you filter through a TON of awesome affiliate deals, and turn your posting into cash.

The Low-Down

Once you’ve signed up for SocialSpark, head over to their Affiliate Opportunities page.

Here are a few details about the affiliate program:

  • It’s the first affiliate marketplace designed exclusively for bloggers.
  • Required in-post disclosure on all affiliate links and 100% transparency.
  • Bloggers get paid for generating sales and signups.
  • Advertisers control ROI through performance based pricing (CPA).

That means that you choose a product that you’d like to advertise, write about it, and then simply disclose that it’s an affiliate offer. How easy is that?

What Should I Expect?

Expect a slew of AWESOME products to advertise! You can choose from straightforward affiliate deals, sponsorship opportunities, paid posting, and more!

As always, Izea and SocialSpark are creating awesome opportunities for all of us bloggers to earn some cash and grow our blogs! Head over and get started!

About Nate Whitehill

Nate is a co-founder of Unique Blog Designs and has been a user experience and visual designer for over a decade. He aspires to make the world pixel-perfect. Follow Nate on Twitter
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