Yahoo! Mail Blog Relaunches

Yahoo! Mail Blog relaunches with help of UBD

UBD worked with Yahoo! to add functionality and relaunch their popular Yahoo! Mail Blog.

You may be asking yourself, why is UBD reporting that the Yahoo! Mail Blog relaunched? Well, we are truly honored that we recently had the opportunity to work with Yahoo! to redesign and relaunch the official Yahoo! Mail Blog. Our Chief Marketing Officer, Josh Mullineaux, met Ryan Knight from Yahoo! at the Blog World Expo last November. It gives us great pride to have worked with one of the pioneering companies of the commercial Internet.

With the relaunch of the Yahoo! Mail Blog, our objectives included the following:

  • Update the elements of the Yahoo! Mail Blog to their specs
  • Integrated “Threaded” comments with a unique author response to reader comments
  • Increase the promotion of social media syndication and RSS readership options
  • Code the design into a WordPress Theme compatible with WP 2.5+

What did the Yahoo! Mail Blog Community Manager, Ryan Knight, have to say about working with us?

Ryan KnightI’d been interested in revamping the look and feel of the YMail blog for a while, and if I’d known how easy it would be working with UBD I would have done it a long time ago. The design work was perfect and they helped add a lot of much needed functionality to the site. The readers love it! – Ryan Knight, Community Manager, Yahoo! Mail

Thanks, Ryan! We enjoyed working with you, as well!

Visit the Yahoo! Mail Blog

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